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A lot of people tend to forget or overlook the calories, sugar and unhealthy fats in common, everyday condiments. This is a huge mistake, because they really add up and can completely sabotage an otherwise excellent diet. Don’t just assume that if you don’t have to chew it, it doesn’t count.

Sweet condiments like ketchup, steak sauce, sweet and sour sauce, cocktail sauce and others can be loaded with way too much sugar, which can wreak havoc on your insulin levels. Fatty condiments like mayonnaise, cheese sauce, parmesan cheese and bleu cheese dressing are loaded with unhealthy fats and pack a huge number of calories into just a spoonful of food.

Here are what I consider 4 of the worst condiments to eat when you’re trying to lose fat, and some excellent things to try instead.

  1. Mayonnaise

Mayo is not your friend. Two tablespoons (about a sandwich worth) has 200 calories and every one of them is fat. It’s not even good fat; it’s generally made from soybean oil. If you’re making a sandwich or some chicken salad, try using spicy brown or Dijon mustard instead. Two teaspoons have 10 calories, no fat and only 2g of carbs.

  1. Creamy Salad Dressings

Dressings like bleu cheese, creamy Italian or ranch are loaded with soybean oil as well, not one of the fats you’re going for in your diet. The recommended serving of 2 teaspoons has 220 calories and 200 of them are fat. But have you measured out two teaspoons of dressing? They won’t go far on a nice salad. On the other hand, there are about a hundred different vinaigrettes you can make in 30 seconds using olive oil and either regular or balsamic vinegar for the same calories, but with healthy fat from the olive oil. You also won’t get the 300=mg of sodium that’s in most creamy dressings.

  1. Sour cream

There’s not much you can say about sour cream that’s good. Again, it’s loaded with fat and not very healthy fat, either. Plain Greek yogurt is a wonderful substitute for sour cream in sauces or soups, on a potato or in your favorite dip. I promise that you won’t believe how well protein-packed yogurt works in the place of sour cream.

  1. Jelly and jam

Commercial jellies and jams are loaded with sugar and don’t usually have much fruit in them. The sugar-free versions are sweetened with unhealthy artificial sweeteners. Try getting “no sugar added” (not the same as sugar-free) spreadable fruit, or make your own in the blender in about ten seconds. Just throw a few berries and just a touch of honey in, blend for a few seconds and spread it right on your toast.

Fat loss requires some sacrifices. But why should you sacrifice so much of your calorie, carb or fat allowance on a few condiments? Learn to sub things that are better for you so that you can save those calories for things that really matter and you’ll be much better off!

By Kyle Leon


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