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Down below are some of our success stories from Silverback Elite Fitness. We hope these stories will provide you motivation and inspiration to make the life style change to help you live a healthier and happier life.

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2017 Success Stories

shania before_after


 Name: Shaina

Age: 27

Weight Loss: 11lbs in 10 Weeks

Shaina won the 2017 10 Week Challenge! Over the past 10 weeks she has lost 11lbs., 4.47% body fat, 6.36% weight loss, and a total of 12.8 inches.













2015 Success Stories

“I have been very pleased with my results from Silverback Bootcamp. At first I was skeptical due to my age and lack of fitness, but I immediately felt comfortable with this group. Steven pushes and motivates without being overly aggressive. If you are not up to speed with the others, you progress at your own pace. I have been going for over two months now and have improved tremendously! I love having a choice of variety for my workouts and getting outdoors. I highly recommend.”

Melissa Adams

“Great boot camp! He keeps you motivated and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I started in the Summer and down 18 lbs from the boot camp, cutting out sodas and a little moderation on the social events. You will want to do well with your workout the more you go.”

Israel Roberson



This bootcamp is awesome! I am so glad I tried it. The instructor at the Grady Park location is incredible-he is smart, attentive, and pushes you in the best way. I have done a lot of bootcamps, and am so impressed with this one. The activities are easy to follow yet challenging, and I enjoy going each time.
September 09, 2014

2012 Success Stories

               Before                                   After


Name: Sofia
Age: 50
Weight Loss: 30 lbs

“Before I joined Silverback Elite Fitness, I was overweight and out of shape. I loved food and hated exercising. I didn’t think I would EVER get in shape and be ready for my wedding. After seven months with Silverback Elite Fitness Bootcamp, I’ve lost more than 30 lbs, just in time for my wedding! I can do things that I thought I couldn’t do before. Now, I love to exercise!! Thank you so much for helping me accomplish my fitness and personal goals. I’ve seen the new and improved differences in my body and I wouldn’t want to miss one single day!”



valerie beforevalerie beforeName: Valerie
Weight Loss: 56 lbs

“In March of 2012, after tipping the scales at 220 lbs, through the advice and support of a good friend I decided to give Silverback Elite Fitness Bootcamp a try.   Although I did not think I would make it through the first bootcamp class, I’m proud to say that I did.  In December of 2012, I reached my first goal with a 56lb weight loss.  Through my weight loss journey,  I was able to stay highly motivated through the instruction of  Manny Robledo, who  not only offered undying support,  but seemed just as determined as I was for my weight loss success.   Although I still have a way to go to hit my ideal goal weight, I am truly proud of how far I have come.   Thanks to Silverback Elite Fitness for not only helping me find myself again but for saving my life!”

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